MRDA On Gun Control (Part 1)…..

Ban this, ban that – the dickheaded, knee-jerk response whenever summat goes wrong. Pathetic, isn’t it? Like this whole BS about gun control. Okay, whilst banning handguns may not be as immediately ridiculous as calling for music and movies to be blacklisted, the repercussions are just as, if not more disastrous for us as sovereign citizens. Now for those of you who think Michael Moore is the Second Coming of Christ, consider this: all the oh-so-benevolent anti-gun laws do is make sure you and I – Mr & Ms Law-Abiding Citizen – have a harder time defending ourselves from any potential thug, robber, rapist or firearmed (yup, FIREARMED) gangster. Gun control laws, in short, will NOT protect you from being shot by crims; the parents of Letitia Shakespeare et al can attest to that. I mean as 9-11 has easily proved PLASTIC CUTLERY can be used to instigate the deaths of a great number of people. What is it with the politicos and the masses that makes them view an INANIMATE object as an INTRINSIC evil? Okay, yeah, guns are made to injure and kill people – I 100% concur with that. However, WHO they kill depends thoroughly on whose hands said weapons are in. Isn’t it better to have a populace with easy access to both guns and the information (classes etc) to use the fuckers responsibly, than the current bullshit culture that preaches guns are bad, bad, BAD and should be prohibited to transform crims into paragons of virtue? Excuse me, but isn’t the defining trait of a criminal one who – rightly or wrongly – sticks a middle finger up at the law of the land? A crim is one who goes ABOVE and BEYOND the law to get what they want.

Just as banning contraceptives, alcohol, birth control and Barry White CDs wouldn’t stop peeps from fucking, banning handguns won’t stop a CRIMINAL from procuring and using them – it merely becomes a covert operation…

AS a famous slogan states: “when guns are outlawed, only criminals will own them”. Mull it over…..


“Predatory criminals do not fear legal consequences but they do fear the possibility of an armed citizen.” ~ Stuck Mojo

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9 Responses to MRDA On Gun Control (Part 1)…..

  1. ghostdog_ says:

    I’m surprised how much sense that made. I’ve always been FOR gun control, and I think the reason is the only arugment I’ve ever heard against it is the USA-redneck ‘right to bear arms’ (read: we are obsessed with firearms) bullcrap. But I’m not so sure now, your the first person to argue against it with any kind of sanity and good reasoning.

    • MRDA says:

      Thank you
      But the right to bear arms ties in with the right of the individual to defend him/herself from assailants, ghostdog. Once you ‘re stripped of the RIGHT to defend yourself, you’re fucked….look what happened to Tony Martin for example (though I’d rather not talk about thim after the news this week..haha). Thanks for your input, mate.

      • ghostdog_ says:

        I’ve got nothing wrong with the right to bear arms, what I do have a problem with is how that right ends up being abused left right and centere. Other than criminals I mean, some otherwise good people sink into an almost paramilitary like gun-culture (which scares the crap outa me).

        • MRDA says:

          Well, the whole militia thing’s been blown outta all proportion by media cos of Tim McVeigh and the fringe Neo-Nazi groups, but most of these guys are guarding against having their rights nicked by Big Government, if said goverment decided to go Orwellian.
          The first thing the Nazis did to before initiating their Final Solution was to take away Jewish gun rights…more of that in another post….

          • ghostdog_ says:

            Well the current US government seems to be going a little Orwellian (I mean “The Patriot Act”, seriously) but unless I’m getting my facts horribly wrong they’re quite pro-guns.
            Wow, another piece of Nazi-related information I never knew, new things about the Third Reich seem to crop up every day.

            • MRDA says:

              Hmm…last I heard, Bush was pushing FOR gun control..which surprised me, astthat’s one of the few areas I agree with the Bible-bashing conservos…oh well…

            • ghostdog_ says:

              Bush is for gun control??? Wow, theres something I never knew. It does add to the oppressive politics over there, I thought guns were one of the only things they weren’t trying to restrict and control.

            • MRDA says:

              The last I heard, Bush was pushing FOR gun control, which suprised me as the gun rights thing is one area me and the Bible-bashing conservos usually *shock-horror* agree on….oh well…Big Brother IS watching us…heheh…

            • MRDA says:

              Sorry…I needed to amend that first posting…

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