Whilst we’re on the subject….

Don’t you hate it when you check out song lyrics and discover that….

– they’re, in actuality, completely different from the daydream you’ve been singing along to

– those true lyrics are kinda inferior to the ones you’d invented in your flight of idealistic fancy…..

Just me then?


About MRDA

The beast shouting "I" at the heart of the world. Alien misanthropologist in a homo sapiens skinsuit. Pass the wine and get out of my sunshine!
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5 Responses to Whilst we’re on the subject….

  1. creactivity says:

    Not just you.
    But my daydream lyrics are usually so fanciful that they’re also non-sensical.

    • MRDA says:

      Eheh….I’m the opposite…my imagined lyrics usually make MORE sense than the actuality…
      Good to read you…I was wondering where you’d got to…how’s life?

  2. xxabunaixx says:

    hehe, nope it’s not just you.
    It’s funny how that happens. I sometimes, not always find myself slightly dissapointed when I finally read the real lyrics…

  3. kasku says:

    Totally annoying, I agree. x

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