Forced Affiliation

They may as well hold a gun to your head……

I went in to the local Polling Station with the express intention of voting “no affiliation” or “no confidence”, thinking at least my vote could get counted in the great London & Euro ballot.

How wrong I was….

I enquired, only to be told that my vote would simply be discarded as if I hadn’t voted, which of course set off a reaction of “What the fuck?” in my head. I mean, shouldn’t a no confidence vote be counted as a sign of dissatisfaction with the competing powers that be? Shouldn’t it count for SOMETHING that someone bothered to get off their arse with the express intention of communicating their (non)belief and disillusionment with the existing candidates?

Obviously not?

And they wonder why potential voters are apathetic! Give me fucking strength!

Still I decided to place a bet, so as my(?) “voice” could be “heard” and all that shit….I’d like to think of it as an “against” vote, rather than one in favour…

….and I suppose the candidate/party I pitched my vote with (the Lib Dems, if you were wondering) is one I have huge agreement with in many ways …

…just not huge ENOUGH agreement….

In any case at least I can say I did my bit to keep the BNP out of office…

….and hopefully contributed to getting rid of Komrade Ken Livingcunt!

That’s all…..


(Why can’t it be like that film Brewster’s Millions where you could cast a vote for “none of the above”? I’d love to see the electoral turnout then….)

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The beast shouting "I" at the heart of the world. Alien misanthropologist in a homo sapiens skinsuit. Pass the wine and get out of my sunshine!
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10 Responses to Forced Affiliation

  1. staxxy says:

    When the vote comes in November, with the current choices available, I will not be so much voting *for* as voting *against*, myself. It’s all just so much lameness.

    • MRDA says:

      Yeah, your man John Kerry doesn’t seem so inspiring….if I was American, neither of those two parties would get my affiliation anyways….

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