Further back to the source….

Hmm…so upon visiting the West End last weekend, my friend and I noticed the lack of traditional Xmas lights and sights gracing Oxford Street…

… instead our eyes were treated to the sight of Harry Potter and The Incredibles chewing up the scenery.

And now there’s uproar and disgust about the rampant commercialism eating up the festive season – again!

And once again, I must say I’m glad that Disney, Pixar, Warner Brothers et al are doing their part to restore the original and true meaning of the late December period – the excess and shamelessness of the Saturnalia!

Saying that, I think the displays themselves are pretty shitastic! Christianity has a (slight) aesthetic edge, at least….


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One Response to Further back to the source….

  1. phyrbyrd says:

    You’d prefer neon reindeer galloping across the roof? Or possibly eight foot inflatable snowmen and plastic santas that play ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ in a way calculated to make any music lover tear her hear out at the sheer torture of it all? Our local garden centre is a mass of coloured fairy lights and christmas carols being played all at the same time and a half-tone apart. My mother and I, going to shop for winter window box material, felt we were running a gauntlet.

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