Holocaust Memorial

Lest the mistakes of the past be repeated, let us remember these points….

The first thing the Nazis did before initiating their persecution and extermination of the Jewish populace was to strip them of their right to bear arms.

Nazis used Leftist policies (Nanny Statism and “social justice”) to smooth their advance to power. Such policies have often been used as Trojan Horses to justify greater state abuses – the article also mentions FDR’s New Deal…and we all know about FDR’s policy of interning Japanese-Americans.

The Nazis – along with other mass killers – had as much of a hard-on for National ID cards as our current administrators, on both sides of the pond, do.

If you want your Auschwitzes and Final Solutions, give measures like this the green light! Investing arbitrary powers into the hands of Statists to “apprehend terrorists” without charge is to stand at the top of a very slippery slope.

Lest we forget….


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3 Responses to Holocaust Memorial

  1. ghostdog_ says:

    Well said, mind if I link to this post?

  2. My dad told me a story about how when he would be watching history shows on this subject and they would show Hitler giving his speeches, he would always want to know what it was Hitler was saying.
    Well, one day on the History Channel they put subtitles on it.
    He told me it sounded pretty much like the U.S. Democratic Party’s platform. “Jobs for everyone. Social Justice. A Stronger Germany.”

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