Way of the Ronin, Baby!!! ^_^

Rogue Ninja
You scored 8 Honor, 3 Justice, 4 Adventure, and 8 Individuality!
You are as quiet as the wind, deadly as a viper and you follow no
master. You are a Rogue Ninja. Let no one say you are without honor,
lest they meet a quiet and questionable end.

Dress as you like and keep your knives close. You’ll do just fine

This test tracked 4 variables. How the score compared to the other people’s:

Higher than 59% on Ninjinuity
Higher than 15% on Knightlyness
Higher than 7% on Cowboiosity
Higher than 82% on Piratical Bent

Link: The Cowboy-Ninja-Pirate-Knight Test written by fluffy71 on Ok Cupid

Kudos to the creator of this test for the Ninja Scroll pics – Jubei Kibagami owns your ass!


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The beast shouting "I" at the heart of the world. Alien misanthropologist in a homo sapiens skinsuit. Pass the wine and get out of my sunshine!
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15 Responses to Way of the Ronin, Baby!!! ^_^

  1. kasku says:

    D, I’m actually really interested in your views on education and schooling. Your comment on my poll was really interesting. Tell me more.

    • MRDA says:

      Well, for a start, setting up specialized, non-state schools catering to differing areas of learning (humanities, sciences, etc), allowing children to have their areas of interest catered for; much better than the one-size-fits all egalitarian state-brainwash system we currently have. I’d love to see the end of this restricted, mandatory state run kiddie concentration camp system we currently have, where students and parents are penalized for not falling in line with governmental agendas.

      • kasku says:

        Yes, me too. I was most interested to note that generally speaking the people who were very pro-school on my poll are the ones who have very limited experience of children. I’m really torn between what’s best. I wouldn’t want them to miss out on this alleged fantastic social whirl that people keep mentioning, but I can’t help thinking that my babies will probably be a bit too eccentric to fit in with it anyway. We’re not exactly a usual family. I’m all for socialising children but I don’t see why it has to be while they’re wearing a uniform, with children only born in the same year as them, from 9-3.30 each day.

        • MRDA says:

          You hit the nail on the head in several key areas!
          Good points, though wouldn’t children naturally interact anyhow? Going out to play and the like. I don’t have any particular love for kids myself – nevertheless, I remember what it was like to be one so I’m drawing on my past experience on the school system. School isn’t set up to equip students for future individual endeavours, but rather to socialize them – to mould them into submission to an external social agenda laid down by pumped up Little Hitlers and Big Brother…
          Much of the social unrest between age demographics, I’m willing to bet, is caused by this process of schoolyard socialization. As you say the set-up of schools engineers kids to identify with one another based on inessential characteristics like age, proximity – and dare I say gender? Also bullying is exacerbated under such conditions where the student must go to school for their daily pounding. Eliminate stupid truancy laws and school uniforms and I’m willing to bet one would see a drop in both playground bullying and out-of-hours age based tribalisms.

          • kasku says:

            Re: You hit the nail on the head in several key areas!
            I think so too. I really am against school uniforms. I can see the logic behind the idea that they could get picked on if they didn’t have the latest trainers, but I think that’s only an issue among very poor people who feel they’ve got something to prove with the most expensive Nikes possible. (In my experience!)
            I think the hardest thing is that although I do inherently think that school is a bad thing, and they’d certainly have ample opportunity to socialise elsewhere (not least of all with each other as there will be more than one of them but also at various clubs and classes of their choosing (martial arts, ballet, archery, morris dancing – whatever takes their fancy!), I primarily just want them to be happy and that’s all there is to it. If fulfilling society’s ideals, as hideous as *I* find that to be, is something that would work for them then I wouldn’t discourage it at all.
            It’s very difficult to know what’s best in the face of so many disgustingly optimistic school fans. Supposedly we’re the social outcasts and misfits but I just find *them* to be the odd ones!

          • kasku says:

            Re: You hit the nail on the head in several key areas!
            *As a further uniform point, I find them to be such a literal symbol of society wanting to beat children into submission so that they can be chugged out of the production line as useful accountants/teachers/media professionals, with no thought to their individuality or development as actual people. It’s all so very focussed on what they will become, rather than who.

            • MRDA says:

              Re: You hit the nail on the head in several key areas!
              Yes – 100% agreement with you! It seems most service line jobs require some kind of fucking uniform to keep all in line; it confirms my view as school being a mere microcosm of a Platonic ideal society laid down by our “leaders”. kids find themselves indoctrinated and imprinted with societal values, slave morals and the like in our assembly line gunpoint education system to come out as socialized products “useful to society” – turned into what Nietzsche calls “Last Men” – social climbers jumping through hoops to meet second-hand notions of “success”. We live in a society that pays lip service to “individualism”, yet – in reality – works toward “social cohesion,” “the greater good,” and “doing one’s duty” amongst other slogans.
              Only cultivating a habit of truly independent learning (which the state school system necessarily must combat for its own survival) can one avoid this Last Man Syndrome and find one’s own way to fulfillment.

            • kasku says:

              Re: You hit the nail on the head in several key areas!
              You’re absolutely right, and isn’t it odd that in this so call individualistic era we have so little freedom to be individuals even if we wanted to? All the things that we have to do even though we don’t want to, with no power to change it or even a will to most of the time.

            • MRDA says:

              Re: You hit the nail on the head in several key areas!
              This is a big part of why I’ve opted out of the voting charade; as I said in a previous post – democracy’s just a choice between one’s favourite Little Stalin.
              And don’t get me started on that fucking smoking ban – actually it might just be too late – I feel a new post in gestation….
              Ultimately, it’s better to concentrate on improving oneself than worrying excessively about the world….

            • kasku says:

              Re: You hit the nail on the head in several key areas!
              That’s what I try to do. I actually have to avoid the news in general and get Ivan to tell me anything important, because it just gets me so angry all the time. I’m a big fan of the Ethical Consumer but even that makes me want to go and tie myself to buildings until change takes place.
              I would be VERY interested in your views on the smoking ban! I have my own very strong views on this too, but I have a feeling yours would be fascinating. Incidentally, are you a smoker yourself?

            • MRDA says:

              Re: You hit the nail on the head in several key areas!
              Tried a few ciggies back in Sixth Form – overrated in my view, although the juvenile side of me still awes at the cool factor of the motions and image of smoking. Beyond that, I wonder how peeps can smoke thirty to fifty ciggies a day – wouldn’t one get tired of all that coughing and the sharp drain in expenses?
              (Incidentally, I’ve also noticed that the females I’ve been attracted to over the past few years have been smokers? Odd, no?)
              Despite my non-smokerness however, I think that this here ban is complete bollocks! Today it’s a ban for the health of the nation; tomorrow they’ll have us goose-stepping down Oxford street to stay in shape…..
              More on this later….

            • kasku says:

              Re: You hit the nail on the head in several key areas!
              Yes, I definitely want to hear more about this. I’m going to come and check your journal when I get a minute to see if you’ve written more! I’m a big fan of the smoking ban, personally, because I actually find it to be genuinely disgusting.
              As a pregnant woman in particular, my sense of smell is so good that if anyone’s smoked a fag in the last hour they smell bad enough to make me feel really sick. The problem is that smokers aren’t smoking through choice. They’re smoking because they’re drug addicts. To anyone who denies that they’re addicted and that they just “enjoy” it, ask them if they’d encourage their children or loved ones to take up this fun “habit”. Yeah, thought not.
              You don’t allow heroin addicts to shoot up at the bus stop and then drop their needle on the floor, and that doesn’t even smell bad. Smokers just rally against these bans because they are drug addicts, because going without a cigarette is horrible, purely because they are drug addicts. You wouldn’t have a shit by the bar or walking down the street but that’s something that people actually DO need to do. Sadly, smokers have a “need” to smoke as much as they have a need to shit, it’s just that no one’s cottoned onto the idea of lockable public smoking cubicles yet.
              I actually used to be a smoker myself (for twelve years, thirty a day), and one of the reasons I get so upset by smoking now is the sheer fact that I never realised how truly vile I smelt all those years and yet I was one of the considerate smokers who didn’t smoke all over everyone at the bus stop. It’s a very depressing thing to have people’s views of you based solely on the fact that you smell awful and look stupid, and also have to keep running outside every half an hour to make yourself smell even worse.
              Drug addicts, all of them, and they all need help so that smoking can be banned all together, because I’m not the only one who finds it’s enough to put me off busy high streets, and I haven’t been into a pub for over a year now.

            • MRDA says:

              Re: You hit the nail on the head in several key areas!
              “The problem is that smokers aren’t smoking through choice. They’re smoking because they’re drug addicts.”
              Of course, not all drug users are addicts. Some can control their intake as opposed to letting it control them. One person’s addiction may well be another person’s luxury.
              As for drugs in general, I’d happily do away with all drug laws and let people make their own rules concerning the use and abuse of their own bodies. Tobacco, coke, caffeine, alcohol, heroin, KFC – my view boils down to this – consume your poison, if you’re so inclined, and take the consequences of said consumption! I don’t pretend that a true smoke addict is the epitome of health and hygiene, but I’d rather live in a free country alongside said addict than live in a “free” country with a thousand cold-turkey withdrawal cases forced to be healthy for the sake of the National Bodypolitik.
              Check out my latest post for another angle on all this….

            • kasku says:

              Re: You hit the nail on the head in several key areas!
              The trouble is that half the things on that list CAN’T be done in moderation, because they are addictive. Without being addicted to cigarettes there’s very little enjoyable about them. They just make you feel light-headed unless your brain’s chemistry has already been altered into having a requirement for them. Many of these drugs also make you into a danger too. Heroin addicts are a danger. Coke addicts are a danger. Drunk people are a danger. Cigarette smokers are really annoying because it’s NOT just them choosing to smoke, it’s them smoking all over you too!
              Caffeine I forgive, because I never saw anyone mug a granny for their next fix, start a bar fight after a cup of tea or blow tea in someone’s face. “Dude! Have you got any, you know, teabags?” : )

    • MRDA says:

      Another alternative could be to set up institutes close to the student localities which allow video conference lessons, selected by the student upon entry; the student selects their subjects and “pays to play” for full interactive video courses combining varying subjects of their fascination. The tutor would be at a remote locale, ready to address any individual queries via link-up – sorta like a call center system.

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