Chapelle Theory, anyone?

If this carries any truth, it validates the points I made in this post, this post and this post pretty fucking well!

Where the Ode to the Greater Good is played, you’ll find what can more fittingly be termed Evil conducting the orchestra…..


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4 Responses to Chapelle Theory, anyone?

  1. ex_req431 says:

    i wouldn’t doubt the theory. seems to make sense.

  2. jsangspar says:

    I thought about believing that site but it seems to be stretching it. I didn’t read it all, or altogether too closely, though, it just gives off Internet Wackjob vibes to me.

  3. bimmer1200 says:

    *wanders in from the flist of the aynrandforum community*
    Wow. Just…wow. There are a number of things that set off my Lack-O-Veracity detector, so I don’t buy it. This is probably viral marketing for the third season that Comedy Central is about to launch; finished product interspersed with other comics roasting Dave.
    Regardless, this goes in my ‘favorite crazy-ass theories’ folder along with the ‘OJ was Framed to Protect the Faked Moon Landing’ theory.

  4. That is funny ! I’m not finished reading it but, it sounds way out there.

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