Big Brother Britain: Episode 23,655,656,989 (aka The Case of the Fucked-Up Fine)

There should never…ever…be a ban on cursing…fucking ever…


It amazes me what a little conversation between friends brings up….

As my friend Al Dogg and I returned from seeing Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (which comes highly recommended, by the way) yesterday night, he told me about the bloke fined £80 for swearing within earshot of a WPC; knowing of my penchant for "ranting about ridiculous bullshit" online, he figured I’d have something to say about it….

Sooo, here we go again with a rant against the latest instance of "ridiculous bullshit" to hit Slave Britannia.

If anyone has the nerve to contest my claim that this country slowly slides into totalitarian sewage, I encourage them to step up to the table with a strong counter-argument; from where I sit however, there exists no better reinforcement of this, my argument, than jackbooted janitors of the LawTM slapping fines on peaceful citizens exercising the "free" speech that apparently separates us from our "uncivilized" brethren in the Middle East.

Nice to know all those dead soldiers didn’t lay down their lives in vain, huh?

It amuses me how that smug fucker Tony Blair had the nerve to extol the "cultural superiority" of Western democracy and turn around and set set the wheels in motion for the ‘Respect’ campaign to stamp down on behaviour he and his Cabinet cronies view as "anti-social". Seriously, I thought police officers had bigger fish to fry like, say for example, potential terrorists who threaten our "free and liberal" way of life! As someone for whom swearing and cursing – in spoken and written word – remains a regular and much enjoyed "vice", I really hope Kurt Walker told the (conveniently unnamed) policewoman at the heart of this to suck his fucking dick!

Another contender for MRDA’s Wangsucker of the Week Award must surely be Dover District Councillor Julie Rook who says: "Swearing and abusive behaviour certainly is not normal behaviour and I feel (emphasis mine) it should never be used in a public place". I must wonder, if this blinkered bitch ever spent a day in the real world! People swear all the fucking time, you constrictive cunt, but then if you didn’t spend all day walled up in your tax-funded council office you’d actually have a clue as to what the fuck you speak of! Another thing since when does responding "Fuck-all!" to a friend’s enquiry of what one got up to constitute "abusive behaviour? Get a fucking context, dumb shit!

On the other hand, if I walked into her office and called her a cognitively-challenged, cock-sucking, council cum-dumpster that would constitute "abusive behaviour" (as well as a fair evaluation).

Rook cum

As for her feeling regarding this? Hah! Nice of her to give an insight into how panoptic policy gets put into motion (and maintained) – but then again cognitive clarity hardly strikes me as a strong point of Britain’s bureaucratic body!

Pretty encouraging to know that the good citizen remains at the mercy of the bureaucratic biochemical reaction of the moment, what?

I swear if Britain does (fully) become the Democratic Dictatorship I envision, they’ll probably build the Ministry of Love Respect in Kent, going by all this…



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9 Responses to Big Brother Britain: Episode 23,655,656,989 (aka The Case of the Fucked-Up Fine)

  1. It’s encouraging that he’s refusing to pay the fine, though. Perhaps the judge will be sensible.
    I walked into her office and called her a cognitively-challenged, cock-sucking, council cum-dumpster that would constitute “abusive behaviour” (as well as a fair evaluation).

    . . . as well as a good example of alliteration!

  2. ghostdog_ says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but in 1984 the party members are expected not to swear, right?
    I can see a judge throwing this one out the window, its hard to even take it seriously. You couldn’t write this stuff.

  3. aliasjack says:

    You are so much fun to read.

  4. ubermensch says:

    oh motherfucking hell.

  5. bastardzero says:

    You need to be in print so I can carry around a copy of a magazine you’re in and show it to the stupid Che-shirt-wearing hippie kids who declare: “I want to move to Europe, where it actually IS a free country!”

  6. phyrbyrd says:

    The right to swear is a good thing, on the whole, but I think that a) ‘Fuck’ is becoming a sanitised word and when we hear on TV the words ‘Hello and fucking welcome to fucking Blue Peter, ya motherfuckers’ it will be a sign that it’s all over for THAT word (I give it five years at the outside), and b) swearing on the whole shows a lack of imagination and ignorance of what is, after all, one of the most expressive languages in the world.

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