That Day Once More: MRDA Completes the 25th Chapter!!

Yup – that time again!

One MRDA year draws to a close…..

….a new one begins….

How will I script the next chapter?

Watch this space…..


About MRDA

The beast shouting "I" at the heart of the world. Alien misanthropologist in a homo sapiens skinsuit. Pass the wine and get out of my sunshine!
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9 Responses to That Day Once More: MRDA Completes the 25th Chapter!!

  1. rinku says:

    Happy birthday, but really, you hardly wrote about your *last* chapter — you need to use this more.

  2. kasku says:

    Happy birthday you. I feel like we’ve really lost touch lately and that makes me really sad – I love reading what you write. I’m making a big effort to ignore the mess and catch up with the people who matter, so expect to see more of me in the near future.
    So if you’ve completed the 25th chapter does that mean you’re now 26, or are you counting literally and are now 25? xxx

    • MRDA says:

      Well it’s great to hear from you again, I wondered where you got to, but then I saw your most recent posts – I look forward to your future appearances on this journal….
      And yes, I count literally – 25 is my age now!

  3. goodbye_doll says:

    Your present should be finished soon. . . .
    and I will mail it soon, too.
    happy birthday, again, my friend.
    I hope to talk to you soon. 🙂

  4. psuedoid says:

    Happy birthday..I’ll be watching!

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