Dunno if I’d declare myself an “expert” just yet, but ……

You scored as Type Five: The Investigator. You’re a type five: THE INVESTIGATOR. You’re perceptive, innovative and secretive. You value intellectual stimulation. You like to analyze things from a distance. You like to be competent. You’re the expert in your chosen domain and people come to you for guidance. People appreciate your intellectual contributions and regard you as highly intelligent. Generally reserved, you become passionate and intense in a stimulating conversation. You are also very witty and know how to make a cutting remark that hurts and makes everyone laugh. If someone wants to know something, they should ask you.

Type Five: The Investigator


Type Four: The Individualist


Type One: The Reformer


Type Six (CP): The Contester


Type Six (P): The Loyalist


Type Eight: The Challenger


Type Seven: The Enthusiast


Type Two: The Giver


Type Three: The Achiever


Type Nine: The Peacemaker


The Enneagram Test v1.5 – Find out your personality type
created with QuizFarm.com

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